Monday, March 21, 2005


What Is Better Than One Guy Named Kaz? (Answer At Bottom)

It seems as though most of blogging community is split on whether the Jason Phillips for Kaz Ishii trade is a good one so I figured I would weigh in on the subject.

My first instinct was that this was a terrible trade. After further deliberation I am not so sure it is terrible, but I am not a fan. I can understand why the Mets were not too pumped about putting Matt Ginter in the starting rotation because he is not a known quantity, but Kaz Ishii is not a reasonable upgrade.

I look at the trade and I see two teams with a need. The Mets felt they needed another starter and the Dodgers felt the needed a catcher. Phillips provides the Dodgers with a legitimate upgrade over David Ross and Paul Bako, while Ishii does not provide the same type of upgrade for the Mets. I am not opposed to trading Phillips because 2004 notwithstanding, he is one of the stronger back-up catchers and better than a number of starters in the league; however, Kaz Ishii is an erratic starter with questionable command whose numbers have not been great in one of the best pitchers parks in the league.

Maybe Rick Peterson can “fix him in 10 minutes” like he has with Victor Zambrano. If both of these guys post sub-4.00 ERAs, build him his plaque in Cooperstown now. The Dodgers were also looking to get rid of Ishii as reports indicated that manager Jim Tracy was tired of his endless innings and he was included in the first proposed Randy Johnson deal. In fact, it was supposedly the Dodgers who proposed the Phillips trade.

Trachsel’s BP Projections

In the comments section on my last post, Bernard wanted to know if Trachsel had outperformed his PECOTA projections the last few years, which I’m guessing is Bernard’s way of asking if Trachsel may have some inherent quality that PECOTA cannot measure.

In 2003, his 50% projection was a 4.24 ERA with a 40% chance improvement in 155 innings and he put up 3.78 ERA in 205 innings, greatly exceeding his projection, particularly in terms of innings pitched. In 2004 his 50% projection was a 4.50 ERA in 147 innings and he had a 4.00 ERA in 2003 innings. As it says in BP, the PECOTA projections tend to be conservative but Trachsel has outperformed his innings projection by a ton in both years and his ERA as well, but to a lesser extent. Whether this indicates a special ability on his part, I don’t know.

Petit Is The Man

As if I didn’t have reason enough to love Yusmeiro Petit, I just got MVP Baseball for Playstation 2 which, on Franchise, Mode allows you to play with a team and you can play with their minor league all the way down to High Class A. I am early in the 2005 season with the Mets and I decided to play a game with Norfolk where they had placed Petit and Lastings Milledge. In my one game against Columbus, I pitched a perfect game with Petit. It was one of the greatest video game performances of my life, up there with 600 yard game I had with Bo Jackson in Super Tecmo Bowl. Although he only had six strikeouts, I think they had one hard hit ball all night. I may have to bring him up sooner than the Mets intended. If you have the game, Petit is known as T. Tucker and Milledge is known as B. Tyner. Fortunately, it isn’t J. Tyner.

Answer: If your response to title question was “Two guys named Kaz!” You were right. The Mets have now set the record for most guys named Kaz. This note is soon to be appearing in a Jayson Stark column, but you heard it here first.
Better still would have been two guys named Kaz and one nicknamed Kaz...
Too bad Sasaki recently retired.
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