Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Off The Trach

Metsmerized was about to enter a new era, but my boy Bernard Gilkey has been under the weather and unable to post just yet, so I figured I’d pick up the slack. Trust me though, when he comes back he’ll be performing like it was 1996.

So Trachsel might be out for a while. This is terrible news. Sure he isn’t a star, but he is anz “innings eater” in the truest sense of the word. Over the last three years, he has been extremely reliable and as far as third or fourth starters go, you could do a whole lot worse. All of the options to replace him range from awful to terrible. Some people are throwing out Philip Humber and Yusmeiro Petit as suggestions, I cannot endorse this. As talented as they might seem, there is a big difference between the Phillies lineup and TCU, let alone the Asheville Tourists. Being able to dominate at college and Class A ball is one thing, the majors is a different animal and it would unfair to these guys to put them in that position.

Of those available, I see Matt Ginter as the best available option. Neither his ERA or peripherals were great last year, but Francisco Campos does not instill confidence in me. He is unknown, so that is intriguing, but if he were really good, people would know who he was.

While they won’t do this, I was thinking that it would be interesting if the Mets applied a less conventional pitching rotation during this period, or for the whole season for that matter. In a recent chat, Rob Neyer suggested instead of throwing your starters in order from best to worst, it might be better to do 1-5-2-4-3, because theoretically, it would maximize your bullpen rest. For example, you need your bullpen the least when your #1 guy pitches, so they will be rested for #5, then, you won’t need them as much for #2 etc. For all the stink people make about batting order, the pitching order might be more important and I would love to see a study on it done by someone smarter and more importantly, more patient that me.
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