Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Let Me Introduce Myself

With slightly less fan-fare, yet shockingly more literaracy, than Scoop Jackson on Page 2, Bernard Gilkey (a rare 3rd person reference) announces the second stage of his career for the Mets.
The past couple years for me have just kind of rolled by in drunken haze. Getting that call from Wally was like finding out that 1996 did in fact happen, and that they had not been confusing me with Ray Lankford as many had thought.
Some quick things about me:
1) I don’t like Joe Morgan. In fact, I had a previously failed blogging career last October at If anyone is interested in partnering or purchasing send me a note.
2) 1996 did happen
3) I believe that as bad as the Mets have been/are, it is still infinitely better than being a K.C., Pitt, Detroit, or Yankee fan.
4) I’m pretty uninteresting… so that’s about it about me.

Onto some baseball…
This Trachsel thing is just devastating for the Mets. The PR machine that runs the Mets have been billing Trachsel, even before the injury, as the 4th or 5th starter on this Mets team. While this might be the case if you were to rank the Mets pitchers in terms of potential upside (I would go Pedro, Zambrano, Benson, Glavine, Trachsel), this is not the case in reality and/ or actual performance.
Trachsel over the last 3-4 years has arguably been the best pitcher in New York, and this includes that other AL team. He is not flashy and he is not winning any awards but Trachsel has been consistently effective for a long time. Consistent, unfortunately is not the word to describe the rest of the Mets staff, Pedro excluded.
Glavine is aging, his strikeout rate is declining and the chance of him putting in a full season of #2 quality is nil. Benson because of his #1 overall status and his hot wife makes people forget that he has never been good enough to be at the top of a rotation. Zambrano has shown the ability to be dominant and at times is unhittable; unfortunately half the time that he is “unhittable” it is because he is hitting the backstop or the dugout. Maybe Peterson should spend $100 at lens crafters for Zambrano instead of the thousands at his high performance institutes?
Excluding Pedro from this discussion, Trachsel is by far the most consistent and effective performer on this Mets staff. In reality the Mets are not losing their #5 starter, but one of the very few guarantees on this team the last couple years.
The Trachsel loss is especially painful for the Mets, because even though they don’t need a 5th starter for a couple of weeks because of the early off days, every extra day off for Pedro is huge.
As Wally mentioned, throwing Humber on a Major League roster before he has thrown a professional pitch in his career is a mistake even beyond the idiocy of Mets management. I could see Petit getting a call after the break, if he is again dominant in the minors, but that help is months away at best.
As for mixing up the rotation in different ways… I would think that it would still be beneficial to have your best pitchers pitch as many times as possible. Also, you would have to redefine who is a #1, the guy who is most effective? The guy who eats the most innings? The guys who does the best combination of both? Anyone feel like doing some math?
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