Thursday, March 17, 2005


Keeping Trach

I am less optimistic than Wally about what this Trachsel injury does to the Mets season. This is strange, because usually I am blindly optimistic while Wally tends to be the realist.

The first point I want to address is Trachsel's anti-pedro K/9 ration. While yes, last year it was 5.20 which is not very good, It was actually an improvement from the 4.86 he posted in 2003, and only a slight decline from his 5.44 in 2002. Nothing is pointing to an immediate or really any decline in Trachsel's numbers. He has been getting by on smoke and mirrors, but he has been getting by on smoke and mirrors for a long enough period that maybe he is just really good at using his smoke and mirrors. Christ, I know i would grow impatient waiting for him to throw the damn ball. Trachsel has established himself for a long enough period that one should follow his considerable service time numbers and say "well maybe this guy doesn't need k's" rather then assuming he's been getting by on luck the last three years.

That being said, I think in terms of ERA or RA(for you wally) Ginter will be a suitable replacement for Trachsel. The real area where this kills the Mets is that Trachsel was a lock for 200 innings, whereas Ginter barely could go 5 per start last year. He is going to be a phenomenal drain on the bullpen. Additionaly, It would have been really nice to spot start Ginter every few weeks to give Pedro an extra day off.
Here is hoping Koo will have some effect on Jae Seo. Maybe Seo will listen to him or maybe even the pitching coach for a change!

On a sad note, and I'm sure this is an especially trying day for Wally and David Wright, It appears as though the Mets have finally given Super Joe his walking papers. Wow. To lose two consistent performers like Joe and Trachs in a week is rough. Welcome 2005, the year of the Amazin' Unpredictables.
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